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Pet Import & Export
We offer import & export services for dogs and pets from most destinations around the world at very competitive rates.

Stud Services
Selecting the right stud for your bitch is important, you’ll want to choose a dog that is a great representative of his breed and also free of genetic faults and illnesses. We may give our studs for use selectively and after being convinced that the bitch in question is compatible with our stud, healthy and all vaccinations have been administered.

We believe that leaving your dog when you travel should not be a stressful time for either of you. We’ve developed the ultimate dog boarding experience that will give you peace of mind and provide your dog with a safe experience while you are away. So relax, and enjoy your time away while your dog is having a vacation of its own at HIS Kennels.

Grooming Salon
At HIS Kennels, we believe bathing & grooming are essential to a healthy pet. We offer state of the art dog grooming facilities, from shampoos, hair cuts, ear cleans and flea treatments to pedicures, skin care and moisturizing treatments, your pet will go home looking great as well as feeling great!

Canine Training
Training provides a way to effectively communicate with your dog what is expected of him and to prevent unwanted behavior problems. HIS Kennels Training Specialist have extensively studied dog behavior to provide you with motivational and result oriented training solutions. We first evaluate your dog and listen to your needs to find the right training program for you.

Kennel and Security Consultancy
Starting up a kennel is a thing we would love to help you do in a heartbeat. We also offer advise and assistance to the police, cooperate security guard firms and also for private homes on your choice canine cop and also the best form of defense for your domain.

Sale of Dog Food and Accessories
We are also into resourceful information of feeding programme as well as a good and affordable source of both home made and commercial feed for your dogs. Like we like our dogs fashionable, we also have available on demand, accessories ranging from collars to chains to treats and travel kennels for your dogs.

Provision of Personal Protection and Sniffer Dogs
We often have personal protection dogs available for the blind, families or cooperate individuals as well as top Government office holders. These are trained by us at HIS kennels and are also imported from top K-9units in the world. We also available on request sniffer dogs and tracking dogs for narcotics and armonition and also rescue dogs where applicable.